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Website Design & Management

In today’s modern world, website design is a crowded industry. We offer Website Design Services not only to local clients in Launceston, but to clients across the state, and nationwide. 

At Flare Leap, we believe in tailoring our website design services to meet your needs. There shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” policy on websites. 

Whether you want us to design and manage your site, leaving you to run your business effectively, or you need a simple one-off service to fix an issue; we can provide unparalleled service, and affordable prices with monthly payment options available.

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Online Learning

There’s no denying that online learning has grown in popularity in recent times. We believe that when online learning is delivered well, people thrive, and it makes for an enjoyable learning experience.
We provide online courses on topics ranging from scam awareness, to social media skills for small businesses.

We can also design and deliver training for your organisation. Why, for example, spend countless amounts of time and money providing face-to-face induction training to new employees, when you can invest in creating a one-off induction course online.
When it comes to online courses, there really isn’t a limit to what you can or can’t teach.

Image Enhancing

Perhaps you have some pictures you or a staff member took, that you’d like to upload to your website or social media, but you’re not entirely happy with them. Perhaps you need to blur out a licence plate, or adjust the lighting, even remove something from the picture to make it look like it was never there.
At Flare Leap we provide image enhancing services to individuals and businesses.

Membership Sites

Membership based websites offer you the ability to generate income from your website, or make it more secure. Suitable for Blogs, Magazines and News sites.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Does your business struggle to engage with new and existing clients on social media?
Are you interested in gaining new clients in an inexpensive way?

We offer comprehensive services to clients wishing to see better results from their social media accounts.

We can do this either by one-off consultations in which we help you to develop a social media marketing plan, or by providing you with social media management services, to take the stress away from you completely.

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